Carnotaurus is derived from the Latin "carnis" (flesh) and "taurus" (bull) alluding to the peculiar large horn-like projections on its skull, and to its carnivorous diet.

Run away from the Meatbull while you hit it with arrows.


  • Esc - Pause
  • Z - 🅾️ button - Jump.
  • X - ❎ button - Draw bow.
  • Arrow Keys - Move.

One hit from the Carno will kill you. It will take many more hits from you to beat the Carno.

You can double jump.

You have to draw your bow until you see an exclamation mark in order to shoot an arrow. Whatever direction you are facing when you start drawing the arrow is the direction your arrow will fly, regardless of what direction you're currently facing.

Dinosaur art by @rainyleafmuncher

Made withPICO-8


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also you can just hang up here and do nothing

I found a problem

WOw this is intense! I didn't get close to killing the dinosaur once. Could you make the charge shot quicker, dino slower, and auto aim towards the dino?

I shot arrows in the wrong direction a few times. I love the concept!