Help alots make a lot of alots. Collect eggplants and feed them to alots to encourage romance. Use your matchmaking skills to pair up the alots until you have a lot of every color!


Click an alot to select it. Drag an eggplant to an alot to feed it. Click "mate" in the sidebar of a selected alot, then click another alot. Click the heart to proceed with the match.

Music by

Alots inspired by Hyperbole and a Half:

Art & Design by rainyleafmuncher

Coding & Design by stumpbeard

Development log


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The music, setting and the game premise are all lovely! I love how every alot has its´ own name. You should add another type of plant to feed to the baby allots and make them grow or something like that.

I ended up with a lot of alots :)